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Vandal Connect is the telephone outreach program at the University of Idaho. We contact alumni, parents and friends to gain financial support for colleges and programs across the University, including Vandal Athletics and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. We also aim to keep you updated on the latest happenings at the University, update your records and relay your comments and questions to the correct University office.

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Our team of student fundraisers includes more than forty outstanding students from various majors and colleges on campus—they each bring their student experiences to the phones. The Vandal Connect Call Center can be reached at 208-885-0619 or

Vandal Connect FAQs

  • Who is calling me?
    The Vandal Connect team consists of current University of Idaho students from across the University and from all backgrounds. Callers receive valuable work experience—interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Callers take great pride serving as ambassadors for the University and know that their work has a direct impact for their fellow students. Please take the opportunity to share your own stories and experiences, ask questions, give feedback and, most importantly, give a gift to support a fund that you are passionate about.
  • Why are you calling me?

    We attempt to reach our alumni, parents and friends each year to make sure you are receiving University publications, update your contact information, keep you informed of University news and to gain vital support that the University counts on.

  • Why don't you just send something in the mail?

    The Annual Giving Program also contacts alumni, parents and friends through direct mail solicitations. However, our focus is the personal contact you receive from our Vandal Connect callers. The majority of our alumni and donors appreciate the opportunity to speak with a current student.

  • Why do you ask me to increase my gift?

    The current economic times are difficult for everyone, including our students. Student fees and cost of living increase regularly, impeding some students’ ability to continue their education—your increased giving directly impacts the ability of these students to successfully complete their degree.

  • How does my gift make a difference?

    Every gift counts. With gifts starting at $10.00, annual contributions add up to well over $5.9 million.

  • What are you calling on behalf of?

    Our focus is to honor the donor’s wishes. We call on behalf of all University colleges, Vandal Athletics, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Library, Operation Education and much more. There are over 2,500 funds to choose from, giving each donor the opportunity to find the fund that best speaks to their passion for the University of Idaho.

  • What happens after I make a pledge through Vandal Connect?

    Once you’ve completed your conversation with the caller, they should verify your pledge amount and fund designation. We also ask for you to complete your pledge on the phone using our secure credit card processing system. If you choose not to fulfill your pledge on the phone, you will receive a pledge letter in the mail just days after the call. Simply send back your gift in the mail, give online at, or call 208-885-6796 to speak with our colleagues in the Gift Administration Office.

  • When can I expect my call?

    Our fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30. We try to reach each alumni, parent and friend at least once a year. Our calling time runs Sunday through Thursday until 9:00 p.m. (Pacific time). Every effort is made to honor these times, but due to technical glitches, mistakes are made on rare occasions.