Senior Class Gift

Senior Class Gift- Lauren

 The Student Foundation works each year to educate graduating seniors about the importance of giving back to the University of Idaho. No longer do seniors give money towards a bench or a tree. Now seniors can give back to whatever program they feel made the most impact on them during their time at Idaho. They can donate to their college or department, a club or organization or in honor of a favorite professor or administrator.  

Give to the Senior Class Gift

The Student Foundation talks with seniors and finds that program or professor that really made a difference in their college career and asks them to make a gift of their graduating year, i.e. $20.15 for the Class of 2015. In return, seniors receive a commemorative tassel to wear at graduation, identifying them not only as graduates, but as donors.

The main events surrounding the senior class gift are Grad Fest and the VIP: Senior Social event, just prior to the big concert for Finals Fest.

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