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Become a Clock Tower Recurring Donor and start your recurring gift today!

As a Clock Tower Recurring Donor, your gift to the fund of your choice is divided into manageable increments with automatic contributions from your credit card or bank account, which allows you to maximize the impact of your giving while avoiding a large, one-time expense.

Why become a Clock Tower Donor?

  • Recurring gifts are convenient and easy, eliminate the need for checks and cut down on the number of solicitation phone calls and mailings you receive from the University
  • Recurring giving enables you to give larger gifts over time than you might be able to make if asked to donate the same amount all at once
  • You can provide a steady and reliable stream of income, which allows the University to plan for the future and make long-term commitments to the program of your choice

Clock tower donor

“We love the recurring gift option because it’s simple. It allows us to make our gift a part of our monthly budget. We set up our monthly contribution and we can forget it. It’s a great feeling to know that every month our gift is helping University of Idaho students reach their college education goals.” 
 -Fred ’05 and Erin ’05,’10 Jessup

Clock tower donor