Casey Dunn and Cade Carlson

Vandal Valentines

The Vandal Valentines for 2015 are Casey Dunn and Cade Carlson!

Casey and Cade's Vandal love story:

I met the love of my life and my best friend, Cade, August of 2012 our freshman year at the University of Idaho. A few days after sorority recruitment, a friend asked me to join her on a fraternity campout with the gentlemen of Alpha Gamma Rho. I obliged, and at the fraternity house I was introduced to many nice gentlemen, but one who caught my eye in particular, named Cade Carlson. My friend and I drove to the campground spot where I waited for hours for Cade to come! Just when I thought he wouldn't, he pulled in. I visited with some other friends when I noticed Cade looking at me and smiling. I was pulled aside by another man to swing dance. Not knowing how, I spilled my drink down the front of my shirt! I was mortified and very sticky, but Cade came to the rescue with a helping hand and another drink for me. We talked for the entire night, and he even helped me clean my dirty feet (I had worn flip flops) and bought me breakfast the next day. In true gentleman fashion, Cade asked me to be his girlfriend days later and I declined him THREE TIMES (playing hard to get) before I finally said yes! The rest is history, and we have been together for two and a half years studying, laughing, and belonging to one another at the University of Idaho where it all started.