Calculating Your GPA

Each letter grade is given a numeric value: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. This numerical value for the letter grade is multiplied by the credit value of each course to determine the Quality Points.

Thus a 3 credit class in which the student receives an A would give them 12 Quality Points (4 being the numeric value for the grade of A x 3 credits = 12 quality points).

GPA Hours are the number of credits attempted, not including grades of I, P, IP, W, WU, or N.

The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of Quality Points by the total number of GPA Hours. This same calculation is used in figuring both the semester and cumulative GPA. The Banner Web Interface allows students and advisors a GPA predictor option for current registered courses.

To illustrate the calculation, if a student attempted 15 credits and received the following letter grades, they would earn these Quality Points:





Quality Points

3  12 
15        48 

In this case, the student's GPA for the semester would be 3.20. This is calculated by dividing the 48 Quality Points by the 15 GPA Hours.


  • A pass/fail course will have no effect on the student's GPA if the student passes the course because the credits for the grade are not included in the GPA Hours. However, if a student fails a course graded pass/fail, the credits are included in the GPA Hours. When a student retakes a pass/fail course, the GPA is calculated by subtracting the original credits from the GPA Hours.
  • If a student has an incomplete for a given semester, the Quality Points and GPA Hours will be left out of the GPA calculation for that semester until the instructor assigns a final grade or until a reversion grade is entered at the end of the following semester. Students and advisors should be aware of incomplete grades as the student's GPA will change once the grade is assigned or is reverted.