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New to Vandal Advising

What is Academic Advising?

Academic advisors assist students in defining and reaching their academic and career goals. All degree-seeking, undergraduate students are assigned to an academic advisor. Once the academic department assigns an academic advisor to an incoming student, then the student should contact that advisor to arrange an advising appointment.

The student must meet with their academic advisor each semester before registering for classes. After this advising meeting, the advisor will remove the advisor hold and the student can register on VandalWeb for courses.

Students are responsible for planning their curriculum and career path, but advisors can offer input throughout the student's education.

Benefits of Academic Advising

Planning a curriculum can include a number of variables. Some course may be offered every other semester or even every other year. Other courses can only be taken in certain sequences. Some degree programs require that students apply for admission to the program and upper-division classes, others required certification or licensing exams. Students may need advance planning to include an internship or undergraduate research experience in addition to their coursework.

These are just a few examples of the many mazes of a university education. Without planning and effort, students may miss a valuable opportunity and/or delay graduation unnecessarily. With careful planning and effort, students will receive the most out of their college experience and ease the transition from school to work.

Finding an Advisor

Consult the Advisor Finder tool for advising information for the various degree programs.