Graduation Preparation

*Note: Additional information about graduation preparation can be found on the graduation section of the Registrar's website.

Graduation is the process whereby the University acknowledges and certifies that you have completed all requirements for a degree. You must apply for graduation the semester BEFORE you intend to graduate (if you plan on graduating Spring semester, you must apply for graduation during Fall semester). If you complete all application steps by the deadline, the fee is $25.00. If you miss the deadline, there is an additional $35.00 fee. Make sure you are aware of the deadline.

The application for graduation can be found by logging onto your VandalWeb account. Select Apply for Degree under the Student Information/Registration menu. (see example below)

Apply for a Degree or Certificate

If you are receiving more than one degree (e.g. a B.S. in Geology and a B.A. in English), you will need to complete two separate applications and pay two fees. This is only if you’re completing multiple degrees; not two majors in the same degree.