General Education Curriculum

The General Education curriculum is a set of requirements for all students to complete while pursuing their specific area of study.  These courses are designed to equip all students with the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly demanding world.

Because General Education is an evolving curriculum, the General Education requirements have changed in the past few years.  It is important to identify which version of the General Education applies to you.  All University curricula are housed in the Academic Catalog and a student’s specific set of curricular requirements depend on their catalog year.

Please identify your catalog year to learn which set of requirements you are required to fulfill. This can be found on your VandalWeb account by going to: 
  • Student Information/Registration Menu
  • Degree Audit/Transcript/Grades
  • Degree Audit
  • Catalog Year is listed near the top to the right of your degree 

If you cannot identify or are unsure of your catalog year, please contact your advisor.

This link will provide you with an overview of the General Education Curriculum, as well as its 2012-2013+ catalog requirements.

This link will provide you with additional overview of the General Education curriculum and requirements for prior catalog years on the left hand side of the page.

Although the University does its best to communicate all degree and general education requirements clearly, please work closely with your department and advisor to ensure you meet all requirements in a smooth and timely manner.