Contacting Your Advisees

Advisors can email their advisees through VandalWeb to send out advising reminders, announce the beginning of the advising period, and clarify expectations for new and returning students. Advisors can use the templates provided on the right to connect with their students. All advisors are encouraged to create and disseminate an advising syllabus using the template on the right. 

Advisors can also download lists of their advisees through VandalWeb, which can be used to tailor messages to specific groups and keep track of advisee appointments. Please see the directions below.
  • Emailing all advisees:
    • Login to VandalWeb at 
    • Click on the Faculty & Advisor Menu tab
    • Click on Term Selection
    • Select current term
    • VandalWeb sometimes defaults to a non-current term, which may include advisees who have already graduated or have become academically disqualified
    • Click on the Faculty & Advisor Menu tab
    • Click on Email Advisees
    • Input a subject and message
    • Add an attachment if appropriate
    • Click Send Email
    Emailing all advisees
  • Adding or deleting advisees:
    • Login to VandalWeb at
    • Click on the Faculty & Advisor Menu tab
    • Click on Advisee List link
    • Select the current term
    • All advisees will appear in alphabetical order
    • Advisors can add students by entering their student ID # or V# in the boxes
    • Advisors can also delete students from their list
    Add or delete advisees
  • Downloading advisee list into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:
    Click on the “Download Advisee List” link
    • This link will download a Microsoft Excel document containing the following valuable information for each advisee
      • ID number
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Major
      • Probation Hold – if “Yes” then student will need to complete an Academic Plan and submit it to you before the hold can be lifted
      • Provisional Admission – identifies students who are provisionally admitted to the university – for more information see:
      • Academic Standing
      • Class Standing
    • Advisors can use this document to sort and filter students in order to send targeted messages (e.g. a freshman welcome email, an internship opportunity for juniors, etc.)
    • Advisors can add additional columns to improve their own record-keeping
    Download advisee list to spreadsheet