Who to Call

If a student: 


has a question about biology placement  Biological Sciences, 5-6280, biosci@uidaho.edu 
has a question about chemistry placement  Chemistry Department, 5-6552, chemoff@uidaho.edu 
has a question about English placement  English Department, 5-6156, englishdept@uidaho.edu 
needs assistance with academic writing  Writing Center, 5-6644, Commons Room 323 
has a question about math placement
Math Department, 5-6742, math@uidaho.edu 
has a question about Stat 251  Statistics Assistance Center, 5-2929, statsac@uidaho.edu 
has a question about pre-health professions  Liz Bryant, 5-6225, ebryant@uidaho.edu 
is interested in studying abroad  Study Abroad Office, 5-7870, abroad@uidaho.edu 
needs academic assistance
Academic Support & Access Programs, 5-6307, asap@uidaho.edu
can’t decide on a major  Career Center, 5-6121, careercenter@uidaho.edu 
wants to change majors  www.uidaho.edu/registrar/forms for “Change of Curriculum” form 
wants to drop or add a class after the deadline, but before the withdrawal deadline 
www.uidaho.edu/registrar/forms for “Change of Registration” form 
has a problem with Degree Audit  Registrar’s Office, 5-6731, registrar@uidaho.edu 
plans to change graduation semesters  Registrar’s Office, 5-6731, graduation@uidaho.edu 
needs help with transfer credit equivalencies  Registrar’s Office, 5-6731, registrar@uidaho.edu 
doesn’t remember his/her PIN
Registrar’s Office, 5-6731, registrar@uidaho.edu 
needs personal counseling  Counseling and Testing Center, Mary Forney Hall 306, 5-6716 (24 hrs.) 
has some kind of personal crisis (health, death in family) and needs excuse for upcoming absence  Dean of Students, 5-6757, askjoe@uidaho.edu 
needs a medial withdrawal  Dean of Students, 5-6757, askjoe@uidaho.edu 
plagiarizes or cheats  Dean of Students, 5-6757, askjoe@uidaho.edu 
is on disqualification and wants to enroll  Call your Dean’s Office
needs financial aid reinstated  Call your Dean’s Office