Advising the General Education Curriculum

  • General Education Changes
    The University Committee on General Education, University Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate have approved the following changes to the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 general education requirements for first-year students:
    • The seven-credit Core Discovery sequence in the first year has been eliminated (as of 2011-12). 
    • Students entering under the 2011 Catalog and after must take an Integrated Seminar (ISEM 101) seminar during the Fall or Spring semester of their first year. This seminar provides first-year students with an opportunity to develop their intellectual curiosity through the study of an interdisciplinary social science/humanities course that emphasizes critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and an awareness of human diversity. The one-semester ISEM 101 seminars will be listed on the course schedule. (Unlike Core Discovery seminars, the ISEM 101 seminars do not also count for social science, humanities or International General Education requirements.)
    • Students will be expected to take six (6) credits of humanities, six (6) credits of social sciences, along with the three-credit ISEM 101 Integrated Seminar for a total of 15 credits.
    • Students are expected to also take an International course or experience (study abroad), and as of 2012-13, an American Diversity course. There are several humanities and social sciences courses that also listed as International and American Diversity courses. Advise accordingly.  
    • Students entering under the 2012 Catalog will also take a Great Issues Seminar (ISEM 301) during their sophomore or junior years (having completed 26 credits and English 102). 
    • Students entering under the 2012 Catalog will also take a Senior Experience, a 300-400 level course, internship, service learning or seminar, developed within the discipline of the student's major. 
    • Coursework in communications, math and natural sciences continue unchanged.
  • ISEM 101 Scheduling Details
    Students can choose to take the ISEM 101 seminar either in the fall or spring semester of their first year. Advisors should consider the following information as they assist students and plan their curricula: 
    • If you offer an introductory course in your major during the Fall semester, consider advising your students to take the ISEM 101 in the Spring semester. 
    • Approximately 27-29 sections of ISEM 101 will be available for Fall semester, with another 20 sections (approximately) available in the Spring 
    • Once the Fall Class Schedule is published, all ISEM 101 seminars will be listed under “ISEM.”
    • Students who do not register for a Fall ISEM 101 should be advised to complete a humanities or social science course from the approved list if their schedule permits.
    • If you do not enroll in an ISEM 101 during either fall or spring of your first year, you will have to seek an override from the General Education advisor at to register for the seminar during your sophomore year.
    • ISEM 101 seminars to not also count toward the International, Humanities or Social Science General Education requirements. 
    To ensure availability for students, groups of seats will be opened to students on each Vandal Friday. Please be aware that an ISEM 101 section may look full when in fact there are open seats coming available on the next Vandal Friday.

  • ISEM 301 Scheduling Details

    Students can choose to take the ISEM 301 seminar either in the sophomore or junior year. Advisors should consider the following information as they assist students and plan their curricula:

    • Once the Class Schedule is published, all ISEM 301 seminars will be listed under "ISEM."
    • As the ISEM 301 is tied to University "signature events" and other activities of campus-wide significance, consider the actual dates of the event in the student's overall schedule.
  • Changes to English 090
    The English department will no longer offer the English 090, Developmental Writing. Instead, students who would have placed into English 090 will now take English 101 (Introduction to College Writing) and English 095, a co-requisite weekly writing tutorial. Students who have between a 200-440 SAT verbal score or a 1-17 ACT English score should be enrolled in English 095 and English 101. If you have any questions about the English changes, please email Dr. Jodie Nicotra at
  • Changes to Math, Statistics & Computer Science
    • Stats 150 has been eliminated. 
    • Stats 251 has changed pre-requisite requirements to include all the following: Math 108, 137, 143, 160, 170, or 2 years of high school algebra and permission