WSU Cooperative Classes

This fall the Presidents and Provost at UI and WSU reaffirmed our commitment to providing cooperative courses. They stated:

“For years the University of Idaho and Washington State University have been offering courses together to allow a varied and robust educational experience for our students.  However, it is no longer prudent to continue operating the Cooperative Course Program without official enrollment information.  Accurate enrollment data is needed to manage cooperative courses with limited seats, to properly credit faculty and academic units for teaching, for resource allocation decisions, and to enable each university to notify and advise all students on their campus, including those from the other university attending cooperative courses – of rapidly evolving and potentially dangerous ongoing emergencies.”  (Excerpt from Provosts’ letter to the UI and WSU Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Faculty Senate Leadership, and VP Business Affairs, and VP Enrollment Management dated September 12, 2011)    

As we move forward the two universities’ Registrar Offices are working with colleges to reengineer procedures for course offerings and student enrollment.  Some initial items to be aware of:

  • Students will register at the institution offering the course.  A short application will be available for degree seeking students who wish to participate in the cooperative program with WSU.  Registration for cooperative courses will open May 1, 2012, for fall semester. 
  • Each institution will open only those courses that it is offering.  (e.g. if a course is being taught by the University of Idaho one section will be opened for both UI and WSU students to register in). 
  • A separate class schedule of cooperative courses will be available to students on both campuses’ websites and Registrar Offices. 
  • A specific cooperative program web site which will guide students through the new registration process is currently under development and will be available before advising begins on March 26.    

What do I tell my students interested in taking a cooperative course at WSU?

  • First verify the student is degree seeking and is eligible to register fall semester. 
  • Have the student fill out the Non-Degree Co-Operative admission application. The application will be available on the web site or at the Office of the Registrar on or before March 26. 
  • The student will receive credentials from WSU to register using ZZUSIS, WSU’s student information system. 
  • Registration will open on May 1, 2012, for fall semester.