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Advising Changes for 2013

General Information

Download the Critical Changes 2013-2014 PowerPoint

  • All students should enroll in at least 15 credits every semester

    According to the Complete College America initiative (and the Complete College Idaho plan), students who attempt at least fifteen credits per term are significantly more likely to graduate from a university. They are also more likely to persist from the first to the second year and feel more connected to their institution. Over the last six years, less than 50% of UI students have been enrolled in 15 or more credits and we would like to address this issue immediately.

    Please work with your incoming and current students to identify the best fifteen (or more) credits to fit their needs and developmental level. There are certainly cases where a student cannot undertake this course load (e.g. working full time, overextended in other areas, etc.) but we believe the typical UI student is fully capable of completing a 15 credit semester.

  • Changes to Regulation L
    Starting next fall, first-semester students who earn below a 1.0 term GPA will be placed on immediate first disqualification and asked to take a semester away from the university to refocus their priorities. For those students with extenuating circumstances or a strong desire to return, colleges will still have the authority to grant academic reinstatements on a case-by-case basis.
  • Update four-year plans to provide consistent and accurate information to students
    With the changes to the general education curriculum and our institutional focus on identifying 15 credit course loads for students, this is an ideal time to reconfigure those old four-year plans in your department. Please take the time to craft a new four-year plan for your degree with a focus on: 
    • Balancing historically difficult courses
    • Incorporating the new components of the general education curriculum
    • Maintaining at least 15 credits in each semester
    • Being mindful of course sequences and fall only/spring only course offerings

    Once you’ve created a new plan, please send it to We will work with the Registrar’s Office to upload your plan into the Degree Audit software, which will make it possible for students to automatically load your pre-defined plan into their planner tab (training on this will be available next fall). Ultimately, by creating a clear and consistent plan for the students, if should make your life easier in the long run.

  • Changes to Regulation J-3
    According to the language adopted by the Faculty Senate in Regulation J-3, all students with fewer than 14 transferable credits earned after high school graduation are considered first-year students (regardless of their class standing) and will engage in the UI general education curriculum.  State Board core is reserved only for those students with 14 or more transferable credits earned after high school graduation.
  • Changes in University Terminology

    The term “freshman” now only applies to a student’s class standing. As a way to better define our incoming student population, the university (through faculty governance) has adopted the term “first-year student” to apply to all students coming in with fewer than 14 credits earned after high school graduation. Aside from being non-gender specific, the term first-year more accurately captures our incoming cohort – many of whom qualify as sophomores in terms of credits.

PowerPoint presentation for Vandal Friday

2013-2014 General Education Curriculum Guide

The term "UI Core" is being replaced by "UI General Education Curriculum." Please see the above curriculum guide with this change represented. The component of the General Education Curriculum known as the "General Core Studies" requirements contains:
  • ISEM 101 
  • 6 credits of humanities 
  • 6 credits of social sciences 
  • ISEM 301 – Great Issues Seminar 
  • American Diversity Requirement 
  • International Requirement Senior 
  • Experience 
For more information please visit the General Education Curriculum website.

Vandal Friday Advising Information

  • Meet Andrew Brewick.

    Meet Andrew Brewick.

    He's the Director of Academic Advising here at the University of Idaho. Andrew works with academic advisors from all colleges and departments to support quality advising across campus. He is committed to helping students succeed in all areas of their lives.

    After teaching English in Northern Japan, Andrew and his wife, Mary Ellen, moved to Moscow sight unseen and haven’t regretted it for a second.

  • What you need to get started.

    Please have the following documents for reference while viewing these videos:

  • Finding your academic home.

    Resources for Finding Your Academic Home

  • Connecting with your advisor.

    Resources for Connecting with Your Advisor

  • Covering the Basics: Understanding the University of Idaho's Academic Requirements.
  • Communications CORE and English: What English class is right for you?

    Please have the following items available for reference while viewing these videos:

  • Science Core: What science courses are appropriate for your major?

    Please have the following items available for reference while viewing these videos:

  • Math Placement: Where do you place in math?

    Please have the following items available for reference while viewing these videos:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Core: What humanities and social science courses are appropriate for your major?

    Please have the following items available for reference while viewing these videos:

  • AP Credit: How does your AP credit stand up?

    Resources for Additional Credit Information

  • Degree Requirements: What do you need to take for your degree program? And, what is degree audit?

    Please have the following items available for reference while viewing these videos:

  • Schedule for Success: How much should you include in your first semester?
  • Registration Time! Using Vandal Web to register for classes.

    Resources to help you get registered