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Lynaire Banks College of Natural Resources
Carrie Barron Department of Fish & Wildlife
Fouad M. Bayomy Civil Engineering
Barry Bilderback Music
Lauren Bowersox
College of Education Student Services
Ali Bretthauer College of Education - TRiO Projects
Andrew Brewick Academic Advising
Mary Ellen Brewick International Programs
Becky Byers UI Coeur d'Alene
Alton Campbell Honors Program
Debbie Caudle Undergraduate Advising, UI Idaho Falls
Craig Chatriand
University Housing
Andrea Chavez Curriculum & Instruction
Heather Chermak Registrar's Office
Jeanne Christiansen         Office of the Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs
June Clevy
Tutoring and Academic Assistance Programs
Laila Cornwall Chemistry
Chanelle Denman
Food Science
Chris Dixon                     Environmental Science
Tom Drake English
Lorie Enloe Music
Thomas Fairchild Counseling & School Psychology
John Foltz College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Annette Folwell Communication Studies
Jerry Galloway Student Support Services
Melissa Garrett New Student Services
Karen Zucco Gatlin Computer Science
Karen Gillespie College of Business & Economics
Amber Gray College of Business & Economics
Holly Greenfield International Programs
Juli Hafen Enrollment Management
Rachel Halsey Col of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Academic Programs
Patti Heath Office of the Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs
Dana Henry Career Center
Susan Hess Music
Sue Hinz Journalism and Mass Media
Steve Hollenhorst Conservation Social Sciences
Paulette House             CNR Student Service Center
Dwaine Hubbard Registrar's Office
Gloria Jensen Disability Support Services
Cheryl Johnson English
Mary Ann Judge English
Janel Kerr Adult, Counselor & Technology Ed
Miki Kurosawa
UI Boise
Lisa Kretz Philosophy
Nancy Krogh Registrar
Suzanne Lambeth
College of Education
Rosanna Lauriola Foreign Languages and Literature
Tracie Lee College of Business & Economics
Nancy Luebbert Law
Mike Long
Larry Makus Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Mikaela Marlow Psychology & Communication Studies
Julian Matthews Education
Pat McCarroll Biological Sciences
Jean McIntire Sociology & Anthroploghy
Julie Miller College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
Amanda Moore-Kriwox
Agricultural Education & 4H Youth Development
Debbie Moos College of Business and Economics
Kim O'Neill College of Natural Resources
Kristi Overfelt College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences
Heather Page
CNR Student Services Center
Dean Panttaja Center for Academic Advising/Theatre & Film
Steve Peterson College of Business and Economics
Maria Pregitzer College of Engineering
Laura Putsche Sociology/Anthropology/Justice Studies
Elaine Queener Mechanical Engineering
FuHua Lin Radcliffe
JoAnn Rattey Chemical Engineering
Jan Rauk Marketing, Management and Operations
Debbie Rigby For. Ecology & Biogen Sciences
Kris Roby College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
Heather Ropelato Admissions and Campus Visits
Mark Rounds Economics, Finance & Information Systems
Nick Sanyal Conservation Social Sciences
Becky Schoenberg Mechanical Engineering
Kelli Schrand Martin Institute
Angela Schweigert Tutoring & Academic Assistance Programs
Ann Smart College of Education - Coeur d'Alene
Debbie Storrs College of Letters, Art & Social Sciences
Sara Stout Tutoring & Academic Assistance Programs
Dana Stover Business
Katie Strittmatter Col of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Academic Programs
Maureen Taylor-Regan Athletics
Vicki Trier McNair Achievement Program
Susan Treu     Art and Design
Susan Steele Athletics
Shishona Turner Student Financial Aid Services
Rhonda Wallen Disability Support Services
Misty Weber Registrar's Office
Frank Wilhelm Fish & Wildlife Resources
Barbara Williams Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Cody Williams Animal and Veterinary Science
Steve Yoder Core Instructor
Dinah Zeiger Journalism & Mass Media