Hotel Accommodations

Provided below is a list of hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and guesthouse options within a 30 minute drive of Pullman. Availability for the hotels and motels was accurate as of June 20th.

WSU ACADA does not endorse any one hotel, motel, bed & breakfast or guesthouse. Please carefully review all accommodation options. We do not guarantee the availability or quality of the accommodations listed below.

Hotel/Motel 8-Sep 9-Sep Phone Web
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites available booked 509-334-4437
Hilltop Inn available booked 509-332-0928
Manor Lodge available available 509-334-2511
Cougar Land Motel available booked 509-334-3535   
Best Western University Inn available booked 208-882-0550
La Quinta Inn & Suites available booked 208-882-5365
Super 8 - Moscow booked booked 208-883-1503
Palouse Inn available available 208-882-5511
Best Western Wheatland Inn available booked 509-397-0397
Siesta Motel available booked 509-397-3417
Best Western Rivertree Inn available booked 800-597-3621
Quality Inn Conference Center available available 509-758-9500
Inn America available available 800-469-4667
Comfort Inn available available 208-798-8090
Red Lion available available 208-799-1000
Holiday Inn Express available available 208-750-1600
Guesthouse Inn and Suites available available 208-746-3311
Econo Lodge booked booked 208-743-0899
Golden Oak Inn available available 208-743-9424

Bed & Breakfast - room availability not checked for the Bed & Breakfasts listed below

Bedfinders is a service offered on the Palouse that can help connect guests with available lodging in Bed and Breakfast like settings.

Hotel/Motel 8-Sep 9-Sep Phone Web
Moscow/Pullman Bedfinders     208-882-9716
Hazelton House Bed & Breakfast     509-334-0408
Cougar Guest House     509-368-7132
Pullman Guest Cottage     509-338-4848 
Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast     509-592-0246
Ivy Bed & Breakfast     208-883-0748
Rose Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast     208-883-3238
Peacock Hill Bed and Breakfast     208-882-1423