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For Men

Males can be victims, too

Men and boys are often the victims of the crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape.

In fact, in the U.S., about 10% of all victims are male. The term sexual assault refers to a number of different crimes, ranging from unwanted sexual touching to forced penetration.

We are socialized to see sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking as crimes against women, not against men. Most men don't seem themselves as ever being a victim of such violence until it happens to them or someone they know.

The following is a message for male survivors from a male survivor:

Sexual violence is devastating to all victims, regardless of gender, and many reactions are shared by both male and female victims. You may feel rage, shame, guilt, powerlessness, helplessness, concern regarding your safety, and/or symptoms of physical illness.

However, there are special issues that may be different for you such as doubts about your sexuality or masculinity or reluctance to be examined for medical procedures. You may hesitate to report the sexual assault or act of sexual violence to law enforcement for fear of ridicule or fear that they won't believe you. The same feelings apply to telling other people you know and to finding appropriate resources and support. This is true even if you experienced the incident when you were very young and only now are realizing you need help.

You need to know that strong or weak; outgoing or withdrawn; gay, straight, or bisexual; old or young; whatever your physical appearance, you have done nothing that justifies this violence against you. At no point and under no circumstance does anyone have the right to violate or control another. Sexually violent crimes are often embedded in issues of violence and power, not of lust or passion.

You may need special support:

  • You may call a crisis line anonymously and request a male counselor
  • You may request an older or male nurse to assist in treatment at the hospital 
  • you can find a support group of male survivors to help you in your healing process. 
Know that our local community crisis response team from Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse works with male victims every day, and welcomes your call at (208) 883-4357 (HELP).

Dr. Craig Chatriand, our Associate Dean of Students, is experienced and trained in the dynamics of assault and understands that men are victimized as well as women. Contact Craig Chatriand to explore your options.
As a man, many factors or fears may influence your decision to report or not report to law enforcement.

The advantages of reporting include:

  • The assailant may be caught and brought to trial
  • Your report may help protect others
  • You can get the support you need to move forward as quickly as possible

There are some disadvantages as well:

  • You may be treated in an insensitive manner
  • You may not be believed by some people
  • Prosecution is often unsuccessful

If you are gay or bisexual, you may feel that somehow you "brought this on" yourself. You may fear disclosure of your sexual orientation. You may fear for your safety or feel "survivor's guilt" if you survived a hate crime. And you may know your assailant; he or she could be an acquaintance, a friend, a colleague, a date, a partner. Visit our LGBTQ & Sexual Assault page for a more in-depth look at unique considerations. 

Feeling responsible is a normal reaction to sexual violence. However, sexual violence is never the responsibility of the survivor; you did nothing to deserve this. We encourage you to come forward and obtain the Resources and support you need.

Male survivors and others affected by sexual violence can receive free, confidential, live help through RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline, 24/7. Call 1.800.656.HOPE to be connected to a local rape crisis center in your area, or visit the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline to get live help in an instant-messaging format.