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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs
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Sexual Violence

Not Alone

One of the most important ideas to understand after you've experienced a sexual assault centers around what is "normal." Many survivors say they feel "crazy" and "different" in the days, weeks and months after experiencing the trauma of a sexual assault. It's critical to remember that these feelings are a normal response to an unnatural, extreme event. It takes a while to get back to your true "normal."

It's tough to feel as though you are alone, and that no one understands the wide range of emotions common after an assault. You are not alone at the University of Idaho. A team of trained and caring professionals are here, on campus and in the larger community, to serve as support and guides on your healing journey.

While sexual assault is extremely difficult to experience and process, it is also a problem you can tackle and overcome.

It's key to know what to expect after a sexual assault, and these pages outline:

  • Definitions of sexual violence committed against women and men
  • Red Flags
  • Your options after an assault -- legally and medically
  • What to expect emotionally after an assault
  • Strategies for coping with emotions common after an assault
  • How to help a friend who has been assaulted
  • Resources