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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs
Dean of Students Office
Virginia Solan
TLC 232-A
University of Idaho
Moscow , ID 83843-2431
Phone: (208) 885-0688

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Campus & Partner Resources

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse

Known as ATVP, this is your free, 24-hour, community nonprofit agency that guides and supports people in Latah County regarding power-based violence, including sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. You can call ATVP anytime at 883-4357 (HELP). An advocate can respond to campus, the hospital, police station or other location and help you sort through your choices in a crisis. Or an advocate will work with you on the phone, whether you want to explore your relationship or an incident you were involved with, help a friend or family member, get legal assistance for a Protection Order or other court process, join a support group for survivors and many other services, all free and confidential. 

University of Idaho Counseling & Testing Center 

The Counseling & Testing Center’s (CTC) staff of full-time psychologists and supervised graduate intern and practicum students offers students access to a wide range of counseling services, resources, and referrals. The CTC provides a supportive and confidential environment for students. Crisis appointments are available during normal operating hours to students who may be experiencing a crisis situation. The student, or anyone referring the student, may request crisis scheduling. This service is not to replace ongoing counseling, but is there for crises. For after-hours crisis intervention, call the CTC at 885-6716 and one of the options will be to speak with a crisis counselor, ATVP at 883-4357, 911, or call the nearest hospital emergency room.

Moscow Police Department 

The Moscow Police Department's campus team will respond to students who wish to report allegations of crimes including (but not limited to) sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. They will meet with you personally, take your report, and decide on the next steps in their investigation. Dr. Craig Chatriand and/or an advocate from ATVP can be present if you wish. Reporting to the police department sets in motion a series of steps that may or may not lead to formal criminal charges and prosecution by the district attorney. Call 882-2677. 

Gritman Medical Center

If you choose to receive medical assistance, highly trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners are on the emergency staff at Gritman, which provides 24-hour emergency response care. An advocate from ATVP can support you during a forensic rape exam, during which the nurse gathers evidence for your case in the event you decide to move forward with prosecution. An emergency exam following a sexual assault is critical not only for evidence, but to ensure you receive the medical attention you need. The hospital visit will provide you with medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and, if you choose, medication to prevent a pregnancy from a sexual assault. Call 882-4511 for more information from Gritman Medical Center.