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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs
Dean of Students Office
Virginia Solan
TLC 232-A
University of Idaho
Moscow , ID 83843-2431
Phone: (208) 885-0688

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Relationship Violence

It’s easy to be distracted or influenced by others and what’s going on at the moment when it comes to social situations, even relationships. That’s why it is important to think about the red flags when it comes to relationship violence and sexual assault – before you meet someone who might mean trouble. Generally speaking, abuse is any behavior that results in the mistreatment of another. Take the test to see how your relationship rates. If you are in a violent relationship, you have options. Consider reaching out to our Resources on campus in the community.

Violence Prevention Programs offers educational presentations and Speaker's Bureau outreach on the topic of relationship abuse. Please contact Virginia Solan for more information or to schedule a presentation or discussion for your living group, class or organization.

Healthy Relationships

Explore ways to build and grow a healthy relationship. More