Virginia Solan

Photo of Virginia SolanAs the Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs, Virginia Solan works with students to increase awareness around issues of interpersonal violence while creating great spaces and safe spaces for survivors and supporters to share their views and artwork, be it poetry, music, essay, videos, visual arts and more.

Virginia has worked for 30 years as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking and child abuse. A freelance writer, she also has worked as a journalist in print, radio and television.

 She holds a B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Idaho, along with the Certificate of Diversity & Stratification. She will receive her master's degree in Adult, Organizational Learning & Leadership from UI in December 2013. She has completed more than 800 hours of training in crisis response, investigation and dynamics of power-based violence, working with law enforcement, the judicial system, community agencies, the media and more. 

Virginia loves the ocean, music, old books, films and documentaries, cemeteries and cats. Sometimes you can catch her on Moscow's community radio station, KRFP, where she often DJ's. She has two sons and lives in Moscow with her husband and two cats, KC & Zelda.