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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Programs
Dean of Students Office
Virginia Solan
TLC 232-A
University of Idaho
Moscow , ID 83843-2431
Phone: (208) 885-0688

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What's Your Green Dot?

No one has to do everything. Everyone has to do something.

The Green Dot Philosophy  is informed by concepts and lessons learned from bodies of research and theory across disciplines. It's built on the idea that the majority of people will do something to intervene or prevent an act of violence from occurring if they simply are inspired to do so and have the tools they feel comfortable using. 

UI Green Dot LogoIn contrast to historical approaches to violence prevention that have focused on victims and perpetrators, the Green Dot strategy is predicated on the belief that individual safety is a community responsibility and shifts the lens away from victims/perpetrators and onto bystanders. The overarching goal is to mobilize a force of engaged and proactive bystanders. (

That's what we intend to do, through collaboration among students, staff, faculty and community partners like Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse and the larger Moscow community. Green Dot presentations are fun, engaging and empowering. We offer a 45-minute "overview" presentation, a 2-hour bystander intervention training and a 6-hour Green Dot Bystander Intervention workshop. 

Please contact Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs Virginia Solan to learn more about Green Dot or schedule a presentation for your living group, student organization, classroom, department or event!