UI Tailgating Policy

It is the football season here at Idaho and many students often have questions about Tailgating. What is allowed? What is prohibited? Following are a list of University Guidelines relating to alcohol and tailgating.
Remember the best way to stay out of trouble is to Obey The Law.

Official Statement- Rob Spear UI Athletic Director
Over the past several years we have worked hard to enhance our game day experience for students and fans. It is important for you to understand the Moscow Police Department and the University of Idaho want to ensure a safe and secure Vandal Game Day experience, as well as compliance with state law. This season, Moscow Police patrols will have increased visibility in the vicinity of the Kibbie Dome on Game Days, and officers will enforce Idaho law pertaining to underage drinking. Minors possessing and/or consuming alcohol may be arrested and removed from campus. Any other person who poses a risk of harm to him/herself or others may be asked to leave the campus, and will be subject to arrest for trespass if he/she does not leave. Help keep the University of Idaho secure, healthy and happy. Enjoy Vandal Game Days … safely. Go Vandals!

Access to the Kibbie Dome parking lots is via 6th Street and Stadium Drive. Remember to bring your Vandal ID. There will be no access to gravel lot 57 off of Perimeter Drive. Idaho Avenue Extension at Perimeter Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic on game day, this is to ensure pedestrian safety and better manage vehicular circulation. All West Kibbie Dome parking lots are restricted to football permit holders (UC, VSF, RV's, Lot 24 permits, Student permits) and disability permit holders.

As always the parking area will be open to those walking in on foot. In an effort to encourage more students and fans to leave their cars away from the stadium, Parking and transportation Services will be operating the Vandal Trolley on game days to provide shuttle service to and from the game beginning at 12 pm and continuing as needed. CLICK HERE for a map of the route.

A small amount of general parking is available on Perimeter Drive, no permit is required in this area. Students without ASUI permits are encouraged to walk or ride the Vandal Trolley to the Kibbie Dome. CLICK HERE for a game day parking map.

Rules & Guidelines
  1. This permit is valid only in the student section of lot 57 (the big gravel lot west of the Kib) for the game listed on the front.
  2. The student parking area will open three (3) hours before kickoff and close to entry of additional vehicles one and a half (1 1/2) hours before kickoff. The parking lot has to be clear at time of kickoff. You may return to the parking lot during halftime; however, it once again has to be cleared at kickoff of the second half.
  3. Each permit holder is allowed one parking space. Holders taking up more than space per permit will be asked to leave/towed at owners expense.
  4. Once lot is full permit holders will be directed to general parking.
  5. Kegs and glass bottles are not allowed in tailgate areas.
  6. The minimum drinking age in the State of Idaho is 21. Underage drinking is not permitted.
  7. Dumpsters have been provided, please use them. You are responsible for the trash in your area.
  8. The University of Idaho reserves the right to prohibit access to any vehicle.
  9. The University of Idaho is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  10. No campfires or bonfires allowed in parking areas.

Care for yourself, and care for your friends.
Enjoy Vandal Game Day … safely. Go Vandals!

*Information is listed on back of the student permits.