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Drug and Alcohol Information

The University of Idaho is committed to fostering a safe community for our students. Part of being safe is making responsible choices regarding the consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs. We invite you to join the ongoing conversation and browse around this website to learn more about our programs, along with information about the alcohol and drug policies and resources at the University of Idaho.

The University of Idaho has partnered with online assessment tools called eCHECKUP TO GO and Marijuana CheckUpToGo. These interactive tools allow you to learn more about your drinking and drug behaviors and the potential risks and choices available to you. These anonymous tools are a great way to learn how to make safe and responsible decisions about substances.

Interested in taking the eCHECKUP TO GO?
Interested in taking the Marijuana CheckUpToGo?

For more information read the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Education Notification for University of Idaho Students and Employees (PDF)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Education

Read the 2012 Information for Students and Employees at the University of Idaho (PDF) More