Article VI – Physical Safety and Welfare.

  1. As in any community, certain forms of responsible conduct must be adhered to in order to ensure the physical functioning and safety or security of that community. 18
  2. The need to safeguard the property of the university community requires that it is a violation of this code to engage in the unauthorized entry or unauthorized attempted entry into or on any facility or area on campus, including but not limited to heating tunnels, elevator shafts, shops, mechanical rooms, trunk rooms, storerooms, roofs, and fire escapes.
  3. Possessing, giving to another, making, or causing to be made any key or other access device to UI property or facilities without proper authorization is a violation of this code.
  4. Theft or misappropriation of UI property and theft or misappropriation of the private property of any person occurring on campus are violations of this code.
  5. Knowingly damaging, destroying, or defacing UI property or property that is owned by others and located on campus are violations of this code.
  6. Protecting the university community against fire is a major concern. Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings except full-time residential facilities. It is also prohibited in official meetings and hearings of UI units and bodies. [For details of the UI policy on smoking, see Section 6380 of the Faculty-Staff Handbook.]
  7. Building or setting fires on property owned or controlled by UI without proper authorization, are a violation of this code. [ed. 8-07]
  8. Removing or tampering with fire equipment or fire-alarm systems, or failure to vacate buildings promptly when fire alarms sound are violations of this code.
  9. Firearms also may endanger the safety of the university community when improperly handled. “Firearms” as used in the code means any instrument used in the propulsion of shot, shell, or bullets, or other harmful objects by the action of gunpowder exploded within it, by the action of compressed air within it, by the power of springs and including what are commonly known as air rifles, BB guns, and pellet guns.
  10. No firearm may be brought onto campus unless it is encased and has a trigger lock attached. (“Encased” is defined as placing a gun with a trigger lock in some sort of container--hard or soft, and including, but not limited to, such materials as aluminum, plastic, wood, leather, and cloth--that is fastened by means of a snap lock, zipper, tie, etc.).
  11. In UI residence halls firearms must be kept in an area authorized by the Housing Office.
  12. Loaded guns are not permitted on campus. A “loaded gun” is defined as one containing live ammunition either in the chamber or in the magazine. Possession and storage of gunpowder must comply with federal, state, and municipal laws. No ammunition will be allowed on campus except that designated for firearms that are properly stored on campus.
  13. Other explosive substances are also prohibited on campus, except as approved by the safety officer. Exceptions to the above may be made for supervised UI courses.
  14. Unauthorized uses of dangerous projectile or explosive devices, including but not limited to sling shots, crossbows, catapults, and devices which cause dangerous chemical reactions, are violations of this code.
  15. It is a violation of this code to:
    1. knowingly gain unauthorized access to computer-based information or information resources;
    2. knowingly, without authorization, destroy, alter, dismantle, disfigure, prevent rightful access to, or otherwise interfere with computer-based information or information resources; or
    3. knowingly invade, without authorization, the privacy of individuals or entities that are creators, authors, users, or subjects of the information resources.