Article V - Housing and Living Groups

  1. The internal regulation of residence halls shall primarily be the responsibility of the individual living-group organization. Such regulations must conform to the Statement of Student Rights; violations of those regulations may also be violations of this code.
  2. Living groups may also set internal regulations governing hours and areas of public access provided that such regulations do not condone the violation of a student‟s right to privacy in his or her own rented space.
  3. UI dwellings are regulated only by this code and the housing contract. Provisions of the housing contract may not violate the Statement of Student Rights or the stipulations of this code. [It must be recognized, nonetheless, that UI dwellings are also regulated by applicable municipal, state, and federal laws and regulations.]
  4. Sanctions available to the living groups range from warning through probation. In addition, fines not in excess of $200 and/or restitution for damage or loss may be levied. Sanctions affecting the student‟s residence in UI housing may also be imposed as outlined in Article XI.