Article IV - Campus Disorders and Disruptions

  1. Members of the UI community have the right to lawful freedom of movement on campus; to lawful use of property, facilities, or parts of UI; and to lawful ingress to and egress from the institution‟s physical facilities. It is a violation of this code to violate the above rights of the university community by:
    1. knowingly hindering entrance to, exit from, or normal use of any UI facility or part thereof;
    2. remaining in any UI building or failing to disperse from a crowd or group after being advised by an law enforcement personnel or UI official to leave or disperse [See Appendix, Paragraph 5];
    3. knowingly creating noise, including the use of noisemaking or amplifying devices, which interferes with the academic process or violates another person‟s privacy;
    4. knowingly interfering with reasonable use of UI driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks;
    5. knowingly interfering with authorized events on property owned or controlled by UI or in UI facilities;
    6. knowingly interfering with law enforcement personnel, public safety personnel, or UI officials in the lawful conduct of their duties; or
    7. knowingly obstructing or disrupting teaching, research, or other academic activities. [Idaho Code 33-3715 and 33-3716, though not part of this code, are appended for information.