Section V - Protection Against Improper Disclosure

[See also 2600]
  1. Students shall be protected from improper disclosure of data from their disciplinary records. Such data shall only be made available: (a) in cases of legal compulsion, (b) when the student’s written permission is secured, or (c) to person within UI who are directly involved in the disciplinary proceedings established in this statement, and then only to the extent that consultation of the record is essential to determine the charge against the student or to determine penalties, and (d) provided that transcripts of academic records shall not contain information about disciplinary action except when such action affects the eligibility of the student to continue as a member of the academic community.
  2. Information about a student contained in academic and counseling records shall be considered confidential. Information about the views, beliefs, and associations of the students acquired by instructors and advisers may be released only with written consent of the student. Judgments of ability and character may be provided, however. Information accumulated in counseling students on personal problems of a private or confidential nature shall be available only to those persons authorized by the student’s written permission.
  3. Information in academic and counseling records may be released only when: (a) such release is legally compelled, (b) the student gives written authorization for such release, (c) faculty and staff members have adequate reasons, as defined by the faculty, to consult academic records, or (d) individual students are neither identified nor identifiable in statistical summaries of academic records.