Rights & Obligations

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Mutual Responsibility

[Faculty-Staff Handbook 2100]

A. MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY. UI’s acceptance of a student for admissions and the student’s enrollment in the university constitute and agreement of mutual responsibility. The student’s part of this agreement is to accept established UI policies and rules, to respect the laws of governmental units, and to act responsibly and in a manner appropriated to these laws, policies, and rules. UI’s part is to carry out its commitment to higher education, to fulfill its responsibilities in pursuit of the academic goals and objectives of all members of the university community, and to meet is obligation to provide an atmosphere in which students will have an opportunity to be heard in matters affecting their welfare as students. UI must take appropriate disciplinary action when it has been ascertained that a student’s action is contrary to UI regulations and thus that this agreement has been violated.

Statement of Student Rights
[Faculty-Staff Handbook 2200]

The regents recognize that students enjoy the same inalienable rights as other citizens under the constitution and laws of the United States, and have, therefore, adopted the following statements, the purpose of which is to guarantee basic and fundamental rights to UI students. Except for the addition of the second sentence in IV-9, this version is identical to that which appeared in the 1979 Handbook. For purposes of this statement, a “student” is any person who is regularly enrolled in UI as an undergraduate, graduate, law, or nonmatriculated student and who is not a member of the faculty. For further information, contact the Dean of Students (208) 885-6757. See also the preamble to 2300.