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Strategies to Reduce Academic Dishonesty

  • Define standards of academic integrity in course syllabus.
  • Discuss your expectations of academic integrity in first class session.
  • Create an honor statement that students sign for each test, project, and paper where students pledge that they have not plagiarized or cheated on the work they have submitted.
  • Create examination environments that discourage cheating.
  • Do not permit cell phones, hats, or sun glasses.
  • Assign seating.
  • Use alternate forms of test for adjacent seats.
  • Bring extra proctor to large test sites.
  • Create system to account for test materials and bluebooks.
  • Require students to show ID when submitting completed tests.
  • Define your expectations about group collaboration verses individual work product.
  • Define guidelines for "take home examinations".
  • Clearly describe your standards for citing materials that are taken from other sources.
  • Discuss appropriate use of internet sources.
  • Warn students that you may use search engines to check suspicious passages in reports and essays.