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Teacher and Student having a conversation

Confronting and Reporting Academic Dishonesty

Faculty Actions and Options

When possible, meet with the student to discuss the situation and give the student the opportunity to describe what occurred. WARN the student that you suspect an act of academic dishonesty and that information gained in the conversation will be used to resolve the matter. Also warn the student that actions may include disciplinary action.

Once you have discussed the matter with the student, the following actions may be taken.

You May:
  • assign a grade penalty for the work in question or for the value of the entire course. 

And You May

  • refer the situation to the Dean of Students for additional disciplinary action. Potential sanctions for repeat or severe instances of dishonesty may include suspension or expulsion. Serious violations will be referred to the University Judicial Council for review and resolution. 

UI faculty members should report ALL instances of academic dishonesty to the Dean of Students Office so that a central record can be made of violations of academic integrity. This reporting system enables other faculty to know whether the student they are confronting has been confronted by other faculty members. Faculty will generally treat situations as first violations unless this record is created. A sample report form is available so that violations can be more easily and uniformly reported.

Consultation and Referral

If you would like to discuss an instance of academic dishonesty or wish to make a referral for student disciplinary action, please contact staff in the Dean of Students Office. You may call (208-885-6757) or send an e-mail to

. Our office is located at the Teaching and Learning Center in Room 232.