Sentry Dynamics, Inc.
Idaho-based company specializing in Web-based services that incorporate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | (208) 777-1252
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United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Organization focusing on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water and the study of landscape, natural resources, and threatening natural hazards | (208) 773-4938
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America Wagyu Association
America Wagyu Association, a cattle breed registry incorporating genetic data information systems. | (208) 262-8100
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Providing Tribal support and planning for 15 years. Nishnaabe Consulting and Pembina Enterprises are dedicated to the development and support of small business. | (208) 819-9700
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Laboratory for Applied Science & Research (LASR)

LASR allows University of Idaho and private sector scientists and staff to work collaboratively, addressing the scientific challenges identified as industry priorities.


Providing technical and professional assistance to Idaho manufacturers, processors and inventors to strengthen their global competitiveness