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John Nuhn with little girl from his trip to east Africa.
John Nuhn
Pre-Medicine Student
From touring the world as a musician to touring east Africa as a premed student, John Nuhn has found healthcare to be a rewarding pursuit.
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Hannah Stone
Hannah Stone
Pre-Dentistry Student
Job shadowing with a local dentist led to Hannah studying microbiology at U-Idaho
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Kara Kleppen with her dog.
Kara Kleppen
Medical Student
Kara applied to the University of Washington’s Medical School through the WWAMI program.
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Maureen FitzMaurice
This is Your Next Step
Routine visits to the doctor don’t often inspire life dreams. As a child in Grangeville, Maureen FitzMaurice’s family doctor attended her birth and delivered all her siblings as well, inspiring her to apply to the WWAMI program.
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Josh Pohlman
Goldwater Scholar
Goldwater Scholars Enhance University of Idaho Status in Math, Science
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