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Melinda Hamilton
Project Co-Director
Director of STEM Initiatives
College of Education
University of Idaho
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Corinne Mantle-Bromley, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director
Dean and Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho
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Publications & Articles

Idaho Students are Scared of Science and Math

MERIDIAN, Idaho – It's catapult day for students in Cindy Dorian's third-grade classroom. Students stretch out on the floor, tape measures laid out before them, as they experiment with how far small catapults can hurl tiny corks. Taylor Fulgham, 8, is intense as she and two partners measure where a cork lands after the catapult is elevated from 10 degrees to 40 degrees. 
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UI, Micron Pilot Programs Support STEM Education in Three Idaho Communities

MOSCOW, Idaho – University of Idaho’s science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM – Education Research Initiative is launching innovative programs in three Idaho communities to support student academic success and increase interest in STEM education.
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Idaho students are scared of science and math

New U of I research shows Idaho must do more to help students pursue degrees that lead to math and science careers.
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Jerome Preschoolers Learn about Science during UI Camp

Ana Alcocer held a magnet up to her skin as seven preschoolers sat in tiny chairs around a classroom table.
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Breaking barriers

STEM Education Research initiative designed to make learning math, science easier.
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How parents can help their kids learn math

Parents with students in the Post Falls School District will be the first in the state to pilot a new online course designed to teach them how to help their children with math homework this fall.
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Building a STEM – Literate Society Calls for Sociologists’ Expertise

The changing global and local economies and other complex problems the world faces demand an increasingly STEM literate citizenry to make informed decisions.
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U-Idaho Sponsors Summer Camp to Teach Head Start Students about STEM

A three-day summer camp in Jerome this June is designed to motivate 3- to 5-year-old Head Start students to get excited about science, math and technology.
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U-Idaho Sponsors Video Contest to Promote STEM Among Lewiston Students

A University of Idaho-sponsored video contest will encourage Lewiston students to imagine their futures as scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians.
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U-Idaho Program to Support Post Falls Parents helping Children with Math Homework.

A University of Idaho program will help Post Falls parents crack the math books to gain confidence and assist their children in tackling homework assignments more methodically.
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Head Start Kids Explore Science, Math

Head Start is all about making sure kids learn what they need to for school. Usually Head Start students learn how to read and other language skills. But this week kids three through five years old are learning about science and math. 
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Meet The Project Team

The Micron STEM education research project team will collect and analyze data on the needs, attitudes and contextual variables associated with student underperformance in STEM education in Idaho. More