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Melinda Hamilton
Project Co-Director
Director of STEM Initiatives
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-7803

Corinne Mantle-Bromley, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director
Dean and Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-6773

Stephanie Kane

KaneStephanie Kane is the Project Manager and statistician at the Social Science Research Unit (SSRU) in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. Holding Master’s degrees in both Zoology and Statistics, Stephanie is highly versed in the technical aspects of the design and analysis of observational and experimental research. She possesses a strong ability to convey technical information to lay audiences, which she has developed as a function of both her statistical consulting and teaching experience.

Stephanie is very interested in issues surrounding the “New West,” including the transformation from a wilderness to urban landscape, rural economic development, and changes in communities as they adapt to new immigrants or cycles of economic boom and bust. She has participated in several large interdisciplinary projects surrounding these issues and enjoys working with teams to study a research question from multiple angles.

For the STEM Education Research Project, Stephanie consulted on the research design, will assist with questionnaire development, and will serve as the primary data analyst for the survey data.