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Melinda Hamilton
Project Co-Director
Director of STEM Initiatives
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-7803

Corinne Mantle-Bromley, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director
Dean and Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-6773

Jerry McMurtry


Jerry McMurtry is the Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.  Jerry came to the University of Idaho as a faculty member in adult education. He has been at UI for 16 years and has taught as well as served as Associate Dean and Dean for the College of Education. Jerry has been a high school business teacher as well as a corporate trainer and consultant on organization development and change.


Jerry’s previous position at UI in professional/technical education took him around the state and across the country working with technical programs and wrestling with how to engage students in science and technology. His work as Dean and Associate Dean in the College of Education allowed him to develop relationships with superintendents and other educational leaders across Idaho. Jerry will bring these relationships and understanding of the state to the project.


Jerry’s previous research has involved the development of the human resource primarily in rural regions of the state and nation. He has a number of current projects underway with doctoral students working on education and training in multiple contexts and environments.