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Melinda Hamilton
Project Co-Director
Director of STEM Initiatives
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-7803

Corinne Mantle-Bromley, Ph.D.
Project Co-Director
Dean and Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho
(208) 885-6773

James Gregson

GregsonJames Gregson is a professor and the Associate Dean in the College of Education with a dual appointment in the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Leadership and Counseling. He earned his doctorate at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1990 with areas of emphases in technical education, the sociology of education, and workforce development through higher education.

James’ research has focused on (a) the integration of academics (language arts, humanities, science, technology, engineering, mathematics) through and with technical/technology education, (b) appropriate (i.e., culturally/socially) technology, (c) sustainability and “green” technical education, and (d) workforce development with a special interest in international contexts (e.g., Brazil, Mongolia). He has authored over 50 scholarly publications and has been the principal investigator for over 6 million dollars of grants.

James is a member of the Interdisciplinary STEM Research Advisory Team and looks forward to using the findings of the funded Micron research to inform and shape future P-20 educational efforts to better meet the needs/serve the interests of the State of Idaho.