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Melinda Hamilton Ph.D
Director of STEM Education
Office: Shoup 310
Phone: (208) 885-7803
Email: mhamilton@uidaho.edu
University of Idaho faculty doing research

Integrate Research

Objective 3: 

Educational research efforts will be assimilated into disciplinary research efforts at the University. As more and more sponsors require education and outreach components in funded programs, the expertise of faculty in teaching and learning will be critical assets of STEM disciplinary research teams. University of Idaho’s reputation as a leader in research fields such as agricultural science, natural resource and conservation and engineering will be enhanced further with this integration.

Communication and collaboration are the norm. Partnership between colleges and among education research and disciplinary research teams will be aided with effective communication venues. Sharing of research results and best practices will be second nature to all.

Integration must be deliberate. University faculty must intentionally pursue funding opportunities that ask for educational research and learning outcomes to be part of the program. Teams from across campus will identify funding priorities with this in mind. Educational research will be valued as much as disciplinary research by all faculty.

Outcomes: University of Idaho’s reputation as a leader in research will be strengthened and our expertise in STEM fields recognized more broadly.

External funding for research at UI will grow as a result of this recognition.

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