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Risk Management

Risk Management & Insurance
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Phone: (208) 885-7177
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Active in Emergencies
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Public Safety and Security
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Environmental Health and Safety
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Emergency Mgmt

Emergency Management
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Active in Emergencies
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Security Services

Security Services
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Claims and Accidents
Forms and Examples
Volunteer Position Description
Workers Compensation


Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability (Waiver). Legal document that lists the particular dangers for an activity, states that the individual accepts the risks in exchange for participating in the activity, and waives liability against the university. Waivers are prepared only by the Office of Risk Management (Risk).

Authorized volunteer. Person who has been asked to perform duties on behalf of the university by a university employee normally authorized to recruit and offer employment (i.e., program director, unit chair).

Authorized Volunteer Position Description. A form that documents duties of authorized volunteers.

Auto coverage. The university’s coverage for claims arising from the use of vehicles titled to the university. In an auto claim, the title of the vehicle determines which auto policy responds and pays for the claim. The university’s auto coverage includes coverage for damage to university-owned vehicles, also known as comprehensive and collision.

General Liability. Coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties for which the university is legally obligated to pay. Fault is assigned based on legal concepts of tort (negligence).

Personal auto coverage. Auto coverage for a vehicle titled to an individual.

Personal medical benefits. Health coverage for an individual.

Third parties. The university is the first party and the coverage provider is the second party. A third party is an individual or entity other than the university or the university’s volunteers.

Workers Compensation. Coverage for injuries received while working in the course and scope of the described job duties.

Policy. The university benefits from the services of its many volunteers. For the protection of the university and its volunteers, it is important to clarify coverage prior to a loss. The university intends to offer general liability for claims which arise from actions performed on behalf of the university by its volunteers. If volunteers are authorized to drive a vehicle titled to the university, the university intends to offer auto coverage for claims arising from the operation of its vehicles. The university does not intend to offer coverage for injuries to the volunteers themselves or to the personal vehicles of the volunteers. Volunteers should use their personal medical benefits and personal auto coverage for injuries to themselves and to their personal autos. To clarify coverage, two forms are used: the Authorized Volunteer Position Description and the Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability (Waiver). The position description lists the duties to be performed by the authorized volunteers. The Waiver alerts the volunteer to the particular dangers of the activities, releases the university for liability to the volunteer arising from these activities, and states that the volunteer will pay their own medical expenses through their personal medical benefits. Workers compensation coverage is not generally offered to volunteers. For exceptions related to workers compensation coverage, contact Risk. Exceptions may be granted for services critical to the university’s mission or for university signature events.

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Volunteer Position Description. Units will prepare an Authorized Volunteer Position Description form for all positions for which volunteers are recruited. After preparing the form, units will work with Risk to discuss the activities and appropriate risk planning.

A. Unit Procedure.

1. Complete the Volunteer Position Description form. Description of form fields:

a. UI Department. Name the College and the unit that the volunteer position is for.

b. UI Unit Contact. Name of contact in the unit that Risk can contact with questions.

c. Phone. Phone number of unit contact.

d. Fax. Fax number of unit contact.

e. E-Mail. UI email address of unit contact.

f. Volunteer Name. Print the name of the person who will be performing volunteer duties for the university.

g. Home Address. The home address of the volunteer.

h. Volunteer's Phone. The phone number of the volunteer.

i. Emergency Contact Name. Print the name of the emergency contact for the volunteer.

j. Emergency Contact Phone. Print the phone number of the volunteer's emergency phone contact.

k. To Whom Will the Volunteer Report? Print the name of the person to who the volunteer will report.

l. Is the Person to Who the Volunteer will Report a UI Employee? Check yes or no.

m. If No, What is the Name of the Supervisor's Position? Explain who the volunteer will report to.

n. Supervisor Phone, Fax, and E-mail. Write the contact information for the supervisor.

o. Position Description. List in detail the functions associated with the volunteer's position. Be detailed enough so volunteer can know what is expected of them and if an injury occurs could an adjustor tell that the volunteer was working at the time of injury.

p. Dates of Volunteer Services. Provide the start and end dates the volunteer will have duties.

q. Estimate Total Hours of Volunteer's Service. Estimate the total number of hours the volunteer will be in service.

r. Indicate whether or not the volunteer will be driving vehicles while performing the duties of the position. The unit is responsible for having a volunteer comply with the policies in APM 05.08 if driving.

2. Unit will sent completed Volunteer Position Description to to discuss activities and appropriate risk planning.

B. Risk Procedure.

1. Risk reviews the volunteer position descriptions and will coordinate with the unit to ensure that all information is complete.

2. Risk determines if the volunteer will need a waiver of liability. Contact Risk at 885-7177 or visit waivers for more information.

3. Risk will counsel the unit on vehicle use, background checks on volunteers, and worker’s compensation.

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Volunteer Vehicle Use

The Volunteer Vehicle Use/Registration of Personal Vehicle for UI Travel forms are no longer necessary. 

Claims and Incidents. Report any injuries, claims or incidents immediately to the university employee who authorized the volunteer position. This individual is responsible for immediately reporting incidents involving university volunteers to Risk by completing an accident form.

Workers Compensation. Units who feel that it is critical to offer workers compensation to volunteers must consult with Risk. Workers Compensation for volunteers is decided on a case by case basis by the claims adjudicators at the State Fund of Idaho, and cannot be guaranteed to volunteers. Additional advice from Risk is necessary when a unit is interested in offering Workers Compensation to volunteers.

Contact Information. Problems or questions concerning the annual reporting requirements for charter aircraft use or adding a vendor to approved list of companies, please contact the Risk Management Office at (208) 885-7177,, or by fax at (208) 885-9490.

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Forms and Examples

A. Volunteer Position Description

    Example of Completed Volunteer Position Description.

B. Authorization of Approved Driver of University-Owned Vehicle

    Example of Completed Authorization of Approved Driver of University-Owned Vehicle.

C. Accident Report

D. Non-Standard Waiver.

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