Through the Idaho Tort Claims Act (Idaho Code 6-901 through 6-929), the university participates in the risk and insurance program of the State of Idaho. Coverage provided by the State of Idaho includes property, general liability, auto liability and workers compensation.

In addition to the coverage provided by the State of Idaho’s program, the university provides a small medical payments policy for camps which are run by the University of Idaho. All university-run camps must purchase camp insurance for their participants. Consult for Risk for help in setting up your camp insurance.

Risk Management administers the risk and insurance program at the university. Questions about insurance coverage or providing evidence of insurance should be referred to Risk Management. More detailed information about particular types of coverage can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate tabs on the left side of this page.

In addition to administering insurance, Risk helps university programs assess general risks of operations. When you are planning a program or activity, consult with Risk for assistance with risk planning. More information on risk planning is available by clicking the tab at the left.

Risk is responsible for the management of any claim against the university EXCEPT Workers Compensation. Claims related to injuries to university employees while in the course and scope of their duties should be reported to Environmental Health and Safety. Employees and students should report all other claims, or circumstances which might give rise to such claims, to Risk Management. Claims involving bodily injury should be reported within 24 hours, and all claims should be reported within 48 hours.