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Engineering Technologies

Advanced Pedestrian Control System (OTT case 08-007)
Summary - The Advanced Pedestrian Control System (APCS) guides a visually impaired person across an intersection. The person carries an Advanced Pedestrian Assistant (APA) unit or cell phone containing the APA software, which then initializes the intersection crossing station containing the Advanced Pedestrian Controller (APC). The APC in turn communicates with the traffic controller.
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Single-Slope Look-Ahead Ramp ADC (OTT case 08-022)
Summary - A technology that further advances the speed of the column-parallel concept for CMOS image sensors by using a device they call a single-slope look-ahead ramp (SSLAR) ADC. The SSLAR-ADC introduces code hopping, fall back, providing between 1.7x and 3.5x ADC speed improvement over current technology, all with less than 1.0% image quality degradation.
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Programmable Ramp Generator for SSLAR-ADC (OTT case 09-016)
Summary - The programmable generator is an improvement on OTT Case 08-022 whereby the proper jump step and threshold is be selected. This new approach allows up to 4X speed up for video processing and 5X for image processing.
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Energy Harvesting and Imaging Sensor (OTT case 09-029)
Summary - A CMOS active pixel sensor that is capable of both imaging and energy harvesting.
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Multi Layer Graphene (OTT cases 09-020, 09-030 & 09-032)
Summary - Bulk synthesis of multilayered graphene from the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon precursors.
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Novel SCT System for Two-Stroke Engine (OTT case 11-003)
Summary - A novel Synchronous Charge Trapping (SCT) system has been designed for a two-stroke engine that reduces fuel use, improves torque at low engine speeds, and reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions.
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Low-cost Real-time Scour-deposition Sensor (OTT case 12-009)
A novel scour-deposition sensor based on temperature differences induced by daily temperature fluctuations between surface and streambed.
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FRP-confinded Precast Concrete Sandwich Roof Panel (OTT case 11-025)
Researchers at the University have developed an energy efficient integrated fiber-reinforced polymer – confined precast concrete sandwich (FPCS) roof panel.
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