Blazer Russet Potato

Blazer Russet (OTT case 09-018)

Blazer Russet is an early-maturing, dual-purpose potato variety. Its attractive appearance and excellent culinary qualities also make it a good candidate for fresh pack. It is resistant to tuber external defects, sugar ends, common and powdery scab of the tuber, and PVX. It is moderately resistant to blackspot bruise and tuber late blight. Blazer Russet has moderate susceptibility to hollow heart.
Blazer Russet with its early maturity is considered to be a strong replacement possibility for Shepody. It has oblong, medium to large tubers that average 8 ounces with excellent culinary qualities. The characteristic light russeting means the tubers have tan to light brown skins with firm, creamy white flesh. Blazer provides higher yields of No. 1 and has excellent specific gravity making it a good dual purpose type.

Blazer is resistant to scab and moderately resistant to net necrosis, dry rot and soft rot. It is susceptible to Verticillium wilt and moderately susceptible to PVY. Blazer Russet weaknesses are that it has short dormancy and is prone to hollow heart.

If interested in licensing this potato variety please contacts the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI).