Classic Russet Potato

Classic Russet (OTT case 09-008)

Classic Russet has had high fresh merit in Tri-State and Western Regional Potato Variety Trials. It is an early-maturing, russeted clone that produces a high percentage of U.S. No. 1 tubers. Its attractive tubers make it very suitable for use by the fresh-pack industry and could also be used as an early processor.

Classic Russet is resistant to external and internal tuber defects and is resistant to common scab. Classic Russet also has moderate resistance to Verticillium wilt and dry rot. Weakness includes lower specific gravity and some shatter bruise was noted. Based on 4 years of evaluations by taste panels, Classic Russet has shown excellent culinary qualities that are comparable to Russet Burbank— the industry standard for culinary quality.

If interested in licensing this potato variety please contacts the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI).