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Faculty/Staff-Led Trips

Faculty/Staff-Led International Trips

Faculty/Staff-Led International Trips (FSITs) are an excellent way for faculty/staff to gain international experience, network with colleagues at foreign institutions, earn additional salary, and learn new things that can help to internationalize the UI curriculum upon return. While developing an FSIT can be a bit of work, once you’ve done one, the next time around should be a piece of cake!

Important Fact: Did you know that the Provost’s Office and University Counsel have requested that all FSITs work with the International Programs Office? There is a very good reason for this—in the rare instance that something goes wrong (natural disaster, political upheaval, student injury, etc.), you have a team of seasoned professionals working with you. It also ensures that your FSIT will be handled in a manner consistent with UI policy and national norms.

Required Forms:

If you're interested in running a UI Faculty/Staff-Led International Trip, please see the following required forms and information:


In order to run a successful FSIT you should start planning at least one year in advance.
Program Proposals: June 1
Program Itinerary, Budget/Program Fee, Program Flyer: August 15

FSIT Grants Available for 2014:

2014 FSIT Grant Proposal

The university president has generously provided $10,000 for a second year to go toward FSIT program creation. Check out the programs that were funded this year. Submit a proposal for your own program!
Deadline: November 1, 2013