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Student Steps to Studying Abroad

  • 1. Why Study Abroad?
    There are many reasons students should study abroad including:
    • have a transformational learning experience,
    • gain global citizenship and leadership skills,
    • enhance your academic knowledge,
    • gain cross-cultural understanding,
    • learn a foreign language,
    • network with professionals in your field,
    • make international friendships, and
    • increase your employability.
  • 2. Preparing for the experience
    There are many things a student can do to start preparing to study abroad, including:
    • Apply for a passport,
    • consult major/minor-specific Transformational Learning Maps with an academic advisor,
    • take foreign language courses, international CORE courses, regional studies courses, and cross-cultural communication courses,
    • start working toward Global Justice Certificate,
    • join an international student group on campus,
    • become a conversation partner with an international student,
    • attend international events such as India Night & Cruise the World, and
    • live in Global Village.
  • 3. Research

    Search for a program on the our website 

    Search by country, field of study, or program type, find program terms, fees, etc.

    Attend the bi-annual Study Abroad Fair (early September & late January)

    Program costs

    Costs vary widely. Programs typically cost $1200 - $5200/semester more than a UI semester.


    UI International Experience Grants of $1000/semester, year or $750/summer ($141,000 available annually). No application necessary; approximately 1 out of 2 eligible students receive awards.
    Many departments and colleges provide study abroad scholarships.
    Many national and program scholarships also available.

    Program length options

    Academic year - ideal for language acquisition, biggest bang for the buck, and greatest opportunity for cultural assimilation. 
    Semester - good compromise between ideal length and financial feasibility.  Up to 4 semesters of language acquisition in 1 semester of study.
    Summer - a good introduction to international experience.
    Faculty-led programs tailored to specific disciplines (summer, fall, winter and spring breaks).

    Program support

    Direct enrollment – best for independent students
    Programs with Resident Directors and Faculty-led programs - best for students wanting more support.

    Program Eligibility

    2.5 GPA for most
    Language abilities – many programs in non-English-speaking countries offer programs in English
  • 4. Advising

    Attend a First-Time Study Abroad Information Session

    Group meetings 5 days a week throughout the academic year in the International Programs Office.

    One-on-one advising with a Study Abroad Advisor

    Available for appointments 10:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

    Meet with Academic Advisor

    Discuss credit transfer (see Tools for Advisors)

    Meet with Financial Aid Advisor 

    Take program cost breakdown from Study Abroad Office to determine financial options.
  • 5. Apply

    Complete application


    As soon as decision is made, programs may fill prior to program deadlines.

    Application deadlines (may be later than program deadlines):

    October 15  Spring Programs 
    April 1  Fall/Academic Year/Summer Programs 
  • 6. Post-application Requirements

    Read Study Abroad Survival Guide and program-specific manual

    Complete mandatory Study Abroad forms

    Attend mandatory study abroad orientation

    At this important orientation, the Study Abroad Office covers important topics including:

    • safety
    • health
    • insurance
    • cultural assimilation
    • visas
    • registration
    • billing
    • credit transfer
    • financial aid
    • scholarships
    • travel
    • packing
    • foreign educational systems
    • housing
    • maximizing the experience

    Find post-application requirements here

  • 7. Financial Aid Process
    The Study Abroad Office sends specific cost breakdowns to Financial Aid in early November (for spring programs) and April (for summer, fall, and academic year programs).

    Additional aid, if any, is usually in the form of loans.
  • 8. Study Abroad Registration
    The Study Abroad Office registers students for a generic block of full-time study abroad credits in November (for spring programs) and April (for summer, fall, and academic year programs).
    Students will register for specific courses directly with host institution or program.

    Once the University of Idaho receives the transcript, the generic block of Study Abroad credits will be replaced by actual courses taken.
  • 9. Student Billing
    Study Abroad application and programming fees as well as UI Direct and Faculty-led program fees are billed directly to students’ accounts.

    Program providers (eg. USAC, ISA, etc.) bill students directly for program fees.
  • 10. Study Abroad

  • 11. Attend post-study abroad orientation
    Students will learn how to make a smooth transition back to their life at UI. The following topics will be covered:
    • reverse culture shock
    • career planning
    • campus engagement with international initiatives and groups
    • educating others about your experience 
    • continuing your international education