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Staff Testimonials

  • Denise Carl - Bangalore, India
    During the summer of 2011 I spent five weeks in Bangalore, India via the FIDA program. Classes were held at a Christ Church University. Christ Church was an oasis in midst of a chaotic city with its lush vegetation, a bird sanctuary, and gorgeous buildings. The walk from the National Gaming Village, where we stayed, to campus was a feast for the senses. Even with the many times I walked the route, I don’t think I saw every storefront. Beyond storefronts, the route would sometimes include amazing wedding ceremonies and baby naming ceremonies, a man with a machete cutting open green coconuts, cows on the cricket field and lots of vehicles.

    The time in Bangalore seems like a dream, as it was so different from my everyday life. While the time was incredibly challenging, it was equally rewarding. The challenges were significantly lessened compliments of Jacob, USAC’s in-country coordinator. Perhaps the most tangible reward is the ability to be more understanding of the vast differences for Indian students studying abroad in the United States.
  • Shawn Greenfield - Shanghai, China
    “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” This familiar quote by Lao Tzu epitomized my own journey this summer where I spent five weeks in China on a Faculty/Staff International Development Award (FIDA).  These awards are offered to all full-time, board-appointed faculty and staff at the University of Idaho through our partnership with the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC). Actually, my first step in the journey was filling out the application, and rather than a thousand miles, my FIDA took me approximately 5,945 miles (9,567 kilometers) from Moscow, Idaho to Shanghai, China. In just five short weeks, I had the experience of a lifetime, living in one of the most exciting, dynamic cities in the world.

    Just a twenty minute commute from downtown Shanghai, I lived on Yanchang Street, twelve floors above a French-Chinese fusion bakery called Bread Party. Right across the street was Shanghai University’s Yanchang Campus, where I studied Introductory Mandarin, Chinese Culture, and even learned a few basic Jiu-Jitsu moves. For five weeks, I settled in and made the quieter neighborhood around Yanchang my home. Each morning, I would usually start by visiting the local baozi stand for breakfast and then would meander through the local gardens and produce markets.  As one of the world’s largest cities, there were endless neighborhoods, communities, attractions, museums, events, restaurants, and more to explore.

    FIDAs open up a window of possibility to dive into a new culture and a new part of the world, all through a unique and structured program. USAC has over 30 years of experience and has developed programs in 26 different countries. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or a greenhorn, each site location offers a wonderful support base and the flexibility to go at your own pace. FIDAs provide the opportunity to get an insider’s look at the types of programs thousands of students participate in each year.

    As a staff member of the International Programs Office at the University of Idaho, I get to interact with international students on a daily basis, many of whom come from China. On a professional level, my experience with this FIDA gave me a radical new perspective and insight into their culture and way of life. I was able to make close connections and friendships with colleagues in-country, UI alumni, and prospective students that will hopefully one day become part of the legacy. I had so many wonderful takeaways from this opportunity that helped give new meaning, excitement, and understanding in both my work and personal life.

    I encourage everyone to consider this unique invitation to step into a new culture and help promote internationalization at the University of Idaho. Whether you work directly with international students or not, our campus is constantly growing in diversity and being influenced by students and faculty coming from all across the globe. For more information, contact our Study Abroad Office and fill out your FIDA application today!
  • James Toomey - Bilbao, Spain
    Although I was a non-traditional recipient of the faculty award in so far as I come from an experiment station rather than main campus teaching ranks, my month with USAC in Bilbao in June 2012 was an experience of great personal and professional reward. Ibon and his team provided wonderful support and I was able to visit Neiker Tecnalia, the Basque government’s experiment station, outside Vittoria-Gasteiz and spend a day with Dr. Juan Mate and colleagues of the agricultural faculty at the Public University of Navarra (UPNA). These contacts helped us establish ongoing working relationships within the Basque Autonomous Region and Navarra.

    This past summer Neiker hosted my colleague Dr. Mike Thornton for his sabbatical and Mike was able to reconnect with Juan and our colleagues at UPNA. We are looking forward to an early December visit from Dr. Kizkitza Insausti of UPNA and the opportunity to move forward with faculty and student exchanges. Here in Idaho, we have had the opportunity to work with the Basque government’s Boise-based trade representative, Miren Perez-Eguireun and to connect Basque officials to the wineries of our Snake River AVA.