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Signing Agreements

The University of Idaho is interested in partnering with universities around the world. These can cover research, student and faculty exchange, teaching, and recruitment. 

There are many types of agreements that UI faculty and staff are asked about when traveling internationally. Below is a brief introduction to the different agreements that UI works from, what they are used for and who can sign them.

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

The University of Idaho uses an MOU when an international school asks for an initial partnership agreement. The MOU that we use is not legally binding, does not commit either party to financial resources, and is usually very general. An MOU is often used as a first agreement to show that some conversations have been had and that there is mutual interest in exploring a more formal agreement. MOUs should be signed by a Director or Dean level position, although it is not unusual for international schools have their president sign and to request the UI President to sign for UI.

If you are interested in signing an MOU, please contact Mary Ellen Brewick for more information.

MOU Template Approved by General Counsel

Exchange Agreement


A student exchange program is of interest to many international universities. The basic idea of a student exchange is that it is a one to one reciprocal exchange, ie, for every one student that comes to UI, we send one student to the partner school. There are challenges with this model, mostly the need to keep the exchange in balance. If we accept 3 students from a partner school, but there are no UI students that wish to study there, then the exchange is out of balance and we cannot continue to accept students who want to come to UI. There can be creative solutions and ways to strengthen the likelihood of success among exchange programs, so please contact Bob Neuenschwander for more information about the possibilities of Student Exchange Agreements.


Faculty Exchanges offer a unique opportunity to internationalize the University of Idaho. These may provide opportunities for faculty to teach and conduct research abroad as well as for international faculty to come to UI to do the same. Exchanges range from short-term (two to four weeks) to one year, and all academic areas may be considered. Exchange arrangements must be approved by the appropriate chairperson and dean in consultation with the International Programs Office.

Faculty participating in exchanges retain their salary and benefits during the exchange period. Housing arrangements vary from exchange to exchange and must be negotiated individually.

Faculty interested in a faculty exchange arrangement abroad should contact Bob Neuenschwander for more information.

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement used to assist students in taking the appropriate courses at an international university that will transfer for credit toward a bachelor's degree at the University of Idaho. These are often referred to as a 2+2 or 1+3, meaning that the student spends 1 or 2 years at a university in their home country and then transfers those credits to the University of Idaho to receive a bachelor’s degree. These are most successful at the undergraduate level. These agreements are designed to help students make a seamless transition when transferring to the University of Idaho.

Examples can be found here. If you have any questions please send us an email.

Transfer Agreement

Transfer Agreements are university to university agreements that show students what courses will count for at the University of Idaho should they decide to transfer from their home institution. These are often easier and quicker to sign than an articulation agreement, but they are also more general and may not be as helpful for a student who wants to come into a specific major.

Examples can be found here. If you have any questions please send us an email.