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Study Abroad China

Why Study Abroad?

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. People spend thousands on cars, computers, or electronic gadgets, things that depreciate over time and are soon replaced by the latest gadget or newest model. Measure that against something that will change your life, enhance your academic experience, employability and earning potential, as well as make you a more competent world citizen. Study abroad is one of the most important investments you can make for your future.

Study abroad is also fun. You’ll be able to travel to amazing towns and cities, visit historically significant monuments and incredible museums, sample different and delicious foods, experience interesting and colorful festivals, and best of all, make friends with many of the students and locals you meet.

Still not completely convinced? Then our last bit of advice is this-just ask past study abroad participants if they thought their study abroad experience wasn’t one of the best experiences they have ever had. Then stop by our office or contact one of our friendly staff to get you started on your journey.

How does Study Abroad impact students?

In 2002, the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) surveyed of 17,000 of its study abroad alumni and found the following about how their study abroad experience has impacted their lives:

  • 98% Reported the study abroad experience helped them to better understand their own cultural values and biases
  • 97% Reported that studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity
  • 96% Indicated that it increased self confidence
  • 95% Stated that it has had a lasting impact on their world view
  • 89% Said studying abroad enabled them to better tolerate ambiguity
  • 76% Reported they acquired skill sets while studying abroad that influenced their career path