International Conferences/Meetings & Non-UI Affiliated International Experiences

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Attending a Conference/Meeting Abroad

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Non-UI Affiliated International Experiences

A Non-UI Affiliated International program is a program that the UI is not currently affiliated with as a UI Partner School or as a Third Party Provider. Through its Partner Schools and Third Party Providers, the UI is affiliated with over 440 universities in 65 countries, offering study abroad programs for every UI field of study. However, if you cannot find a UI program that meets your specific needs, you may petition to study, intern, research or do service abroad with a Non-UI Affiliated International Program. If you will receive credit, financial aid, or your program has been organized by a UI department in any way, you must petition and complete other UI requirements if your program is approved. Please keep in mind that if you wish to receive credit, the institution providing the credit must be accredited.

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Deadlines to complete the petition process:

April 1 – Summer, Fall, Academic Year Programs
October 15 – Spring Programs