Cancellation & Refund Policies


UI Direct Partner Schools

UI Program Providers

UI Faculty/Staff-Led International Trips (FSIT)

UI Application Fee 

Non-refundable (including KCP $425)  Non-refundable  Non-refundable 

UI Deposit

Refundable if student cancels by deadlines below  n/a  Program-specific - check FSIT application 

UI Registration/Programming Fee

When applicable - refundable if student cancels by deadlines below  Refundable if student cancels by deadlines below  n/a 

Program Provider Application fees, deposits and program fees 

n/a  Program specific – please see each program’s deadlines/policies  n/a 

UI Deposit and Registration Programming Fee Refund deadline:

  • July 1 (fall, academic year)
  • December 1 (spring)
  • May 1 (summer) 
  • Note: After these dates, students may also be liable to pay any non-recoverable expenses that have been paid on their behalf (such as housing deposits, etc.). 

Cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail is acceptable) and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure UI Study Abroad Office staff receive the message.

Once a program begins, program fees are non-refundable (regardless of the reason). Program provider programs and faculty-led international trips may have earlier deadlines when program fee becomes non-refundable.