Finding Us

IPO Office

phone: (208) 885-8984
fax: (208) 885-2859

Mailing address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1250
Moscow, ID 83844-1250

Physical address:
901 Paradise Creek Street
LLC Bldg. #3
Moscow, ID 83844-1250

International Partners

The University of Idaho greatly values our international partnerships with schools, governments, businesses and organizations around the world. We are excited to have so many partners that share our focus on academic quality and educational experiences for students, faculty and staff. We are always interested in exploring new opportunities and partnerships that build upon our international vision and existing relationships.
International Agents
Our international agents are an important part of our recruitment and marketing team. We rely on these partners to promote the University of Idaho around the world and to advise prospective international students throughout the admissions and pre-departure process.
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International Institutional Agreements
The University of Idaho partners with many schools around the world through agreements that allow students to transfer credits from their home school into the University of Idaho.
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Fulbright Gateway Orientation
Welcome to the Fulbright Gateway Orientation at the University of Idaho! This is the first step to what we are certain will become one of great experiences in your life – being a participant in the Fulbright program. This orientation will introduce you to various aspects of US social traditions and culture and will provide you with skills to successfully navigate university life.
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Central Youth Ambassador Program (CAYA)
CAYA is a collaborative partnership between the University of Idaho, the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) at Georgetown University and is funded by the US Department of State. The program provides the opportunity to experience local culture, society, and education, and increase mutual understanding among peoples of the Americas.
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